Part of what makes the game-day experience so appealing to fans of any sport is the unique food served in stadiums.  From burgers to hotdogs and everything in between, the out of this world creations fans can try make going to a game that much better.

The newest creation we can't wait to try was unveiled to the world on Wednesday and it will be available at BC Lions games, Vancouver Whitecaps games, and other events at BC Place.

3 beef patties.  3 chicken strips.  6 bacon strips.  1 hot dog.  And fries.  Good luck finishing that monstrosity of a burger.

The Outrageous Burger looks massive and probably has WAYYYYY too much meat in it, but it's something you just have to try to say you did it.  In other words, we're jealous Lions and Whitecaps fans.  Can you send one of these to Toronto?

(H/T: CFL)