The Carolina Panthers have over 2.2 million accounts following them on Twitter, yet somehow they were able to fool everyone in a clever social media stunt that spanned over three days.

Starting with a tweet captioned β€œAir Stew” on Wednesday morning, the Panthers’ social team managed to recite the entire first verse of a theme song from the popular 90’s TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in reverse order.

Twitter users can now scroll down the Panthers’ feed and see that for 39 consecutive tweets, the first word represents the next word in the catchy song.

Despite seemingly everyone being able to sing along word for word with Will Smith’s rapping, the campaign appears to have gone undetected. The stunt has garnered a lot of attention; not to mention that they’ve gotten a crazy amount of exposure on 39 of their tweets.

Not bad, Panthers. Not bad at all.

(H/T For The Win)