The Buffalo Sabres have had a rough year and this photo isn’t helping.

In a year that many expected them to take a step forward after years of dwelling at the bottom of the NHL standings, the Sabres are back at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and are back to some of their old habits. There was an image that circulated the web years ago in the midst of Buffalo’s worst years where the Sabres showed off one of the worst defensive positions possible.

It was in the 2013-14 season and the photo earned several names: The Bobsled, The Human Sabre-pede a Buffalo 3-on-1 etc.

Sabres trying out a new defensive strategy from hockey

Well, Twitter user @MaxTheSilent noticed a similar position from the Sabres 7-4 loss to the Jets. On this play, Kyle Connor actually scored as well.

The Sabres brought home a win last night, so hopefully things continue to trend upward for the team and they don’t suffer an upset in the draft lottery this season. Beside, this version of the Sabre-pede is not quite as bad as the first one as you can see from this angle, but it’s still not a great look.

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