The Simpsons’ writers have been very good when it comes to predicting the future over the years.

From predicting President Trump to Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl, they’ve hit the nail on the head many different times since its inception in 1989.

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You can now add another correct prediction to their ever-growing list as it turns out they predicted the US curling team would beat Sweden for the gold medal at the Olympics and that’s exactly what happened this year.

If this was the Canadian curling team we were talking about, this wouldn’t be much of a prediction since they’re used to taking home the gold. However, this year’s victory earned the Americans their first-ever Olympics gold medal in men’s curling.

This is just one of many predictions The Simpsons’ writers have nailed over the years as they also predicted Disney buying parts of FOX, the FIFA scandal, to name a few.

(H/T Twitter/darrenrovell)