The popularity of the Toronto Raptors is undeniable.  The reigning NBA Champions brought a title to Canada for the first time ever and as they made their way through the playoffs, the hype across the country and world grew.

In case you doubt the popularity of the Raptors, Friday a top-5 most popular team merchandise list in the NBA was revealed and to the surprise of some, the Raptors were fourth.



Which team in the top-5 is the biggest surprise? [🤔]

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It's important to note that this list is based on sales from October to December of 2019, proving that Toronto's popularity has carried over from their championship season to this campaign.
The Raptors currently sit 4th in the East, but a single game is the difference between them and the 6th place 76ers.  Either way, another playoff run is likely on the horizon and if Toronto continues to prove the doubters wrong, their popularity could increase even more.