You know a game went terribly wrong when it ended in the second period. That’s exactly what happened in a game between the Vienna Capitals and HK Nitra after the former’s dirty play led to the latter discontinuing the match.

The contest was ultimately called in the second period and you honestly just need to watch the highlights to get an idea of what exactly happened. We can’t say we blame HK Nitra for calling it quits after this garbage.


That’s shameful right there. You probably don’t know too many players on the ice, but it’s worth noting that the player who got rocked along the board behind the net was projected first round pick Simon Nemec, who’s just 17 years old. A reminder that this game was an exhibition contest,


What a disgraceful outing by the Capitals. Hopefully we don’t have to see that garbage again.

(H/T u/Amphibious_Fire)