All these months later, and stories form the BA’s playoff bubble are still coming to light. The latest story? 'How a general manager managed to disturb his former all-star’s sleep schedule.'

The Raps and Clips had the pleasure of staying in the same hotel, as the top seeded teams were all placed in the Gran Destino. But if it were up to Clippers power forward Kawhi Leonard, he probably would have preffered to stay elsewhere. Apparently his old GM Masai Ujiri stayed a floor above him and managed to wake him up each day with his Type A personality morning routine. Imagine being woken up every day at 5 AM by someone going hard on the Peleton… just look at this and prepare to have a good laugh.


“Hey Kawhi, I’ll stop if you come back to the Raptors next season,” (not his actual words bur probably what he should have said?).

Masai apparently had his share of stories from the bubble, some of which involved Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. The two saw A LOT of each other during their time together in Florida… while their teams were squaring off against one another.


It’s nice to see the two are still on good enough terms to share a good laugh together. But come on Klaw… you’ve gotta call the front desk and send someone up next time. Don’t poke the bear Masai!

(H/T GQ)