Last year, the Detroit Red Wings didn’t have much to smile about. They only managed to win 19 games on the year, and their -44 goal differential was anything but inspiring.

The one thing that the Wings and their fans were able to hold onto was the fact that their team has a lot of young talent. While there aren’t very high expectations with the new season getting underway this week, the youth movement is definitely in full swing.

That includes promising newcomers Moritz Seider and Lucas Raymond. Seider was the #6 overall pick in 2019, followed a year later by Raymond being the #4 overall pick in 2020. Ask any Wings fans how they feel about these two rookies and watch their eyes light up with excitement.

While we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see them in NHL action, we were blessed with a little video that made us smile ahead of time. A content producer for the Wings asked them to close their eyes and attempt to clap at the same time, and after some comical banter with her the pair absolutely nailed it.



While this doesn’t mean much in terms of actual chemistry on the ice, you love to see a team that gets along and shares genuine moments of joy together. After all, the most successful teams are usually the tightest knit teams!


(H/T Detroit Red Wings)