Tom Brady has been such a legend for so long, he’s now earned the right to use Super Bowl titles as bargaining chips.

Brady has led the New England Patriots to SIX Super Bowl titles, and when he packed up his things and headed south to Florida, he won another with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While you may think the Super Bowl titles could be wearing off in significance to the legendary pivot, they seem to be getting more important.

Every year Tom Brady returns to the NFL, the conversation around his age gets louder. He’ll be turning 44 in August and doesn’t really show any signs of wanting to stop, even after proving all his doubters wrong and beating Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl last year.

To put it even further into perspective, Brady claimed that he would trade two past Super Bowls to secure an undefeated season and Super Bowl. This would be the ultimate GOAT move, and it would secure Brady's name in the history books even deeper than it already is.



One Super Bowl for the price of two is clearly not kind of trade that looks even on paper, but add in the undefeated season and we're in business. He wants to defy the odds and wow football fans, and if it costs two earlier titles to claim another at the ripe age of 44, that’s a trade he would make.

Of course, he has a shot of winning that title without even turning one of his rings in, too. Even an undefeated season is on the table.

(H/T NFL Draft-a-Thon)