It’s not every day that NFL fans get to see Tom Brady make a tackle, so when it happens it’s at least worth giving the highlight a watch. Unfortunately for the GOAT, he was credited for one of the uglier ones probably in NFL history after throwing an interception against the Houston Texans on Sunday night.

After Texans cornerback Bradley Roby out-hustled rookie receiver N’Keal Harry for an INT, Brady gently tapped Roby before he stumbled to the turf. Roby appeared to lose his footing but still, the light touch was enough to give the 42-year-old a tackle on the score sheet.


Those watching predictably shared their own jokes about the play on Twitter:


Come on Tom, we’re used to seeing a bit more effort out there! Well, at least on the offensive side of the ball. Here’s a look at the signal-caller laying out earlier this season with the Patriots up 30-7 against the Jets.


Where was this passion Tom!!!!

The Patriots lost 28-22 but hey, at least Tom was able to add another weird stat to his padded career. Even if it was on the wrong side of the ball.