Tony Hawk has a special place in the heart of anyone that has ever picked up a skateboard, or anyone that’s ever skateboarded virtually. The title character on the iconic “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” video game series is the most well-known skateboarder in the world, and through the years he just keeps impressing us.

Hawk turns 53 next Wednesday, and as he wraps up his 52nd year on Earth, he did what he does best; skateboard.

In his familiar halfpipe, a recent video shows Hawk learning a new trick he describes as “fun but frightening.” After the first couple attempts fail, he finally nails it on the 3rd recorded attempt and is visibly relieved as a result.

So… is nobody going to take him up on that offer? We will gladly take your board, Tony. Thanks!

While Hawk has admitted that he will be taking less risks as he gets older, it still seems like he’s got some gas in the tank. We hope this man has a lot in him.

(H/T Twitter/Tony Hawk)