With hockey coming back, the excitement around the hockey world continues to grow. Unfortunately, the excitement has a bit of a ceiling on it.

We’re all stoked for hockey, but nobody will be able to attend the games. The playoffs in general will have a different feel to them, and fans won’t be able to gather in bars the same way they have years past to celebrate their favourite squad.

Saying that, it’s not like it’s impossible to make some things work. Gritty, his bodyguards, and the Philadelphia Flyers cheerleaders made the trip East to Voorhees, New Jersey, where Flyers fans gathered to celebrate the tentative August 1st return to ice.

The Flyers mantra, hashtag, and rally cry at the moment is “Stay Ready”. We’re pretty sure Gritty is always ready, though… and nobody is quite ready for him.

(H/T Flyers)