Now is the time for Stanley Cup predictions because any prediction right now isn't necessarily a bad one.

We think we have an idea of which teams will be good and compete for a championship, but anyone that loves sports knows it's silly to try and predict what will happen in a given season because things can change in an instant.

It's not silly, however, to admit what matchup you'd want to see in the Stanley Cup Final and on Monday, Wayne Gretzky revealed the all-Canadian Cup Final he'd want to see.



What do you think of an #Oilers and #Leafs Stanley Cup Final? 🤔

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An all-Canadian Cup Final would be insane no matter which teams were in it, but if it was Connor McDavid and Edmonton facing Auston Matthews and Toronto, it would be insanity.

The Leafs are Cup favourites thanks to the addition of John Tavares, while the Oilers are trying to bounce back from a disappointing season in which McDavid led the league in scoring.


If the Leafs and Oilers were to make it to the Cup Final, Canada's Cup drought would come to an end, too, which is something fans have been waiting for to happen for a while now.