Canadians can all agree that like it or not, the Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada’s team. And this Is coming from a Jets fans (guess who)! Their fan base is monstrous and their passion is undeniable, even if they’re the most annoying in the league (and quite possibly the world?) but right now, all eyes are on the Montreal Canadiens and their success got us wondering…

Does Canada have a new team? Or at least for the time being?

Our resident Habs fan Raegan Subban hit the streets in Toronto to ask the people whether or not Montreal is now Canada’s squad and the answers were all over the place. You can call it trolling but you’ve got to respect her courage for this one.


“I think the Habs are Canada’s team at this point. Yes, Go Leafs go. But we love the Habs.”


In fairness, this has been a pretty easy team to cheer for so far in the postseason. The youngsters have been getting it done and if you’re not rooting for Carey Price to win his first Stanley Cup then you can go ahead and kick rocks and eat sand. Even J.J. Watt is on the Habs train for crying out loud!


So… are the Habs Canada’s team? We’d love to hear your thoughts @BarDown.