Listen, in the annals of hockey history, there have been a metric ton of folks. Some of them are Wayne Gretzky, or Alex Ovechkin, or Sidney Crosby โ€” we know those guys.

Some of them are a little (or a lot) more anonymous. Well, they canโ€™t all be all-timers.

We asked you guys to dig deeps into the banks of your trivia knowledge for some NHL names of the past that you thought no one remembers, and you did not disappoint. This would be a pretty strong trip down memory lane, except for the fact that weโ€™d be lying if we claimed to remember all of these guys.

Just like in a BarDown quiz, the word โ€˜legendโ€™ has never been thrown around so loosely as it has in the replies to this tweet. Great hair on this dude, though.

How could we forget the first Japanese player to play in a NHL game?!

This guy REALLY knew how to chuck knucks.

Weโ€™re getting into EBUG territory!