In the expansive world of high school football, there’s occasionally the sort of thing that will completely blow your mind.

Here’s a good example: Howard Brown, who plays for Lincoln College Prep and has commited to Iowa State, is a 6’2, 280lb unit of a football player. He plays quarterback as well as defensive tackle for his team, which, we think, might be the first QB/D-line hybrid that we’ve ever seen.

Just look at his highlights. We promise you, there’s no greater joy than watching someone who literally has a body for the trenches go on and take it himself, shedding tackles and romping his way up the field.

That’s almost 300 pounds coming your way on the QB sneak. “Sneak” has never been less literal.

Although it appears that Brown has committed to Iowa State as a 3-star defensive tackle, his QB skills are no joke. Here’s a mixtape of his passing highlights that we found, and you can see that he’s got an absolute cannon of an arm.


h/t Twitter/RDCSports