If you've suffered a jaw injury, then you know just how difficult it can be to move your mouth around.

Whether you're talking or eating, it can feel extremely uncomfortable and painful after suffering a facial injury.

Just ask Boston Bruins workhorse Zdeno Chara, who took a puck right to the face in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Like the true warrior he is, Chara played through the pain and was able to log 16:42 of icetime in a losing defeat while wearing a fishbowl (bubble-cage).

On Saturday, Chara spoke for the first time since the injury. TSN's Frank Seravalli felt bad for Chara, saying "it was painful listening to Chara try and talk."

 "I feel fine playing," said Chara, on one of the three questions he was asked. "Obviously it was a quick turnaround after last game here, but I felt fine…there is no limitations. I'm still able to play…I'm trying to always eat as much as I can, keep my nutrition up."

At 42 years young, the B's captain has averaged the third highest ATOI per game on the backend with 21:41 to go along with his goal and 4 assists in 21 games.