The PWHL is in full swing, particularly after the Battle of Bay Street set record-breaking attendance numbers, so it seems like the perfect time to get to know the players a little better.

Today’s subject, PWHL Toronto forward Sarah Nurse!

Similar to what we’ve done with other hockey players (98 questions with Connor Bedard, 55 questions with Mark Scheifele), we asked Nurse the same number of questions that she wears on her jersey… 20!

These questions go through the simple stuff (favourite city, are you superstitious…) and makes it’s way through some tougher ones (do you believe in aliens?).




Some pretty good answers, but perhaps none better than her #1 Spotify wrapped song. Natasha Bedingfield and Sean Kingston?!  Let’s GO, Sarah!!

In case you missed the other editions, we’ve included them below.




Which player should we ask questions to next? (Hint: the higher the jersey number, the better!)