Hockey fans in Houston are buzzing after Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta expressed interest in bringing an NHL team to the city.


Which logo would you choose if Houston gets an NHL team? 🤔

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According to reports, Fertitta and Bettman have already met at league headquarters in New York. Considering the team would already have a home in the Toyota Center, it’s completely realistic that Houston could end up with a team. Housotn isn’t the only city that’s inquired about getting a franchise, though, as many others are also hoping to get in on the action. In the past, we brainstormed numerous ideas for potential team names in Seattle, so we feel obligated to do the same with Houston.

1) The Houston Aeros

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For years, Houston played home to the WHA’s Houston Aeros, a team the great Gordie Howe laced’em up for from 1973-1977. After eventually transitioning to the AHL, the team relocated to Iowa and became the Wild. So, why change the name if you had something good in place for so long?

2) The Comets

Houston has played an important role in NASA history and haven’t shied away from naming their other sports teams in relation to space. Why not complete the hat-trick with the Astros and Rockets with a simple name like the comets? It would just feel odd if it had a different theme to it.

3) The Bulls

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Houston is no stranger to the sport of rodeo. According to, Houston’s rodeo and livestock show is one of the largest in the world. Similar to the Comets, the Bulls is a simple name that would just fit the bill very nicely. The team could also use the Broncos, but a bull is usually the first animal that comes to mind when thinking about the sport.

4) The Giants

There seems to be a ‘Giants ‘ in most professional leagues, but the NHL is one of the few outsiders. Considering everything is ‘bigger in Texas’, it makes perfect sense to give the team a relatable name.

Of course, it’s too early to tell whether or not anything will come to fruition. It’s at least nice to pitch a few ideas and get some names in mind for the case that Houston lands a team in the coming years.

Which of the four do you think it should be?