There have been some DUSTY looking goalies in NHL history. We're not talking about their play, but the style... the style! Goaltending equipment has completely evolved in recent years but not too long ago, some of the best tendies in the league rocked very questionable looking equipment.
So with that in mind, and because there have been too many dust styles to count, let's take a drive down memory lane and look back at some of the worst goalie looks since the year 2000.
Arguably the best goaltender in NHL history rocked one of the uglier helmet + cage combo we've seen. This writer personally loved the style but it's regarded by most as being pretty dust.
Hasek's former teammate Chris Osgood didn't look much better between the pipes either. His massive neck protecting shield will forever be remembered as one of the dustier looks in league history.
Who could forget Irbe's performance during Carolina's run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2002? He rocked his dusty bucket with pride and it kind of looks like he bought his pads at an old garage sale. Not sure what the thought process was behind this one but wow, was he ever fun to watch!
Thomas remained one of the only goalies to rock an older type of bucket in the early 2010's and he clearly looked a little out of place. Who could forget when the 2011 Conn Smythe winner got traded to the Dallas Stars from Florida and looked like a Picasso painting in the crease?
Remember this beauty? Manned the blue paint in Vancouver until Roberto Luongo came to town in 2006. Cloutier looked pretty similar to Osgood in his day and looked pretty dusty every time he hit the ice.
So... thoughts?