Anyone that’s played beer league hockey knows the struggle of having a short bench. While the playing time is nice at first, by the end of the game the 6 or 7 players that actually decided to show up are pretty dogged and at a serious fatigue disadvantage.

Well, that wasn’t an issue during a recent beer league game with the BarDown team! In fact, the problem was quite the opposite.

Instead of having too few players on the team, we brought out over 50 puck players to cram behind one bench. While we were still only able to play with five players on the ice, we CERTAINLY weren’t going to get be dealing with any fatigue issues.



Alright, so maybe having 50+ people on the bench isn’t exactly the best strategy. A little hard to build chemistry when you only have one shift per period. Saying that, they managed to pot three goals so there’s something!

Maybe… maybe if we get 100 people on the bench?