A newly-wedded couple couldn’t have chosen a worse time to follow their Anaheim Ducks around Canada for their honeymoon. But sometimes, even the worst situations end up turning out for the best.

Die-hard Ducks fan Andrew Gladd and his wife weren’t feeling the whole warm-weather honeymoon thing so they decided to take a trip across Canada to catch their team in action instead. Unfortunately they caught Anaheim during an absolutely brutal stretch and were forced to watch them drop four straight against the Jets, Leafs, Montreal, and Senators.


Sure, the couple could say that the outcome really didn’t matter. 'It was the experience that counted'. But deep down we all know that’s just a bunch of baloney! Luckily for the couple, TSN’s resident beauty James Duthie took it upon himself to rectify the disastrous trip by hooking the two up with a free stay at Wymara Resort in Turks + Caicos. Talk about a complete 180!


And obviously O-Dog had to chime in with a classic response of his own.


Andrew quickly took notice of the online action and made sure to thank everyone for their support. Isn’t it amazing to see what one simple tweet can do?


Hopefully the lovely couple can use the time to just sit back, relax and forget about those Ducks.

… Seriously.



It’s been a rough stretch for the Anaheim Ducks 🦆

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