There’s some whack stuff on TikTok, and then there’s this girl who’s going viral for looking exactly like the NFL’s projected 2021 first overall draft pick.

Meet Bella Martina, a Georgia girl going viral for being tabbed as Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s doppelganger. We’ll let you take a look for yourself…



According to Martina, she was first made aware of their similarities during her U.S. History class at Centennial High.

The following is an excerpt from The Athletic:

Martina, an AP student who thinks she might like to be a journalist one day, was sitting in class at Centennial High when one of her friends on the boys soccer team tapped her on the shoulder.

His younger brother had just seen a picture of Lawrence on Snapchat, another social media platform, and took a screenshot of it to send along.

“(My friend) taps me and he’s like, ‘My brother just said you look like Trevor Lawrence,’” Martina said.

“I was like, ‘What?! I look like Trevor?’ and they’re all going ‘Yeah, yeah,’ and so then we started showing everybody in the class. They were all like, ‘Oh my gosh. Yeah. You have to do a side-by-side.”’

The video got so out of control that it prompted Clemson to post a video of the two on their own account. The video has accumulated more than 264K likes…


And then Bella bodied them with a video that racked up 345.7K!!!!


Ya gotta love TikTok.

(H/T Barstool Sports)