The Toronto Blue Jays are widely considered to be Canada’s team, but it isn’t unheard of for Canadians out west to adopt the Seattle Mariners as theirs instead. After the brilliant use of poutine in their latest on-field promotion, we’re starting to think that this idea has some merit to it.

With the Blue Jays in town, the Mariners decided to have a fan try to field a baseball with a big bowl of poutine. It doesn’t go so well for the fan, or the poutine for that matter, but all that really matters is that somebody came up with this idea for it to exist.

This guy takes a ball to the face, but as far as we’re concerned, he’s a hero to us. (Also, do you see how big that bowl of poutine is? Man. That thing is looking like a proper meal.)

Fans have long tried to catch baseballs with non-baseball glove paraphernalia, and it’s a tradition that we’re very much here for. Memorably in June, the Mariners had somebody try to field a ball with a watermelon — and he freaking did it!

h/t Twitter/Cut4