Nicknames are not often unique in hockey, in fact they’re often basically the same thing applied to every person’s last name, but every once in a while, one stands out.

One that has become perhaps the most well-known nickname in all of hockey is Paul Bissonnette’s “Biz Nasty”. So, when a hockey fan is at the horse races and he sees a horse named Biz Nasty, that’s going to be a pretty major sign that has something to do with the NHL player. Biz has no ownership or relationship to the horse directly, but he did reveal that another player indirectly asked him to name his horse after him.

There’s not a lot of horse-racing and NHL cross over, and unfortunately it didn’t work out to well this time. Biz didn’t place in the race, but maybe that’s a good fit for this horse. He’s more of a fourth-line grinder.

A real workhorse.