The one question about Alex Ovechkin everyone asks now that he's won a Stanley Cup is will he break Wayne Gretzky's goal record.

As it stands, Ovi is 189 goals away from breaking what many still think is an unbreakable record, but with each passing year, more and more people think Ovechkin can and will break it, including Jaromir Jagr.

"Earlier I thought Ovechkin doesn't have any chances to break Gretzky's goal record," Jagr said Monday in Moscow, where he is attending the 70th anniversary celebration of Avangard Omsk, the Kontinental Hockey League team he played for from 2008-11. "It was six years ago. But Alex has changed and became a better and more effective hockey player than he was in [his] youth. I think he works harder now. He'll be able to [break Gretzky's record] if he can stay healthy and keep working as hard as now."

The one thing working against Ovi right now is the fact that the season still doesn't have a start date and it may be another shortened season, meaning he may have to play more years than the math added up to prior to the pandemic.

That said, Ovechkin did recently say he wants to play a few to 5 more years in the NHL before playing again in Russia for his hometown team.

There's no doubt the future Hall of Famer recognizes what he has a chance to do, so here's to hoping he does play 5 more years in the NHL and taking a serious run at breaking the record.