Almost everything has gone right for the Tampa Bay Lightning this season, but the team had one close scare last week.

After clinching the President's Trophy, the team decided to go celebrate out on the town, travelling cross state to Miami for a team-bonding exercise last week.

But when they took off to return back to Tampa, a serious malfunction occurred, forcing the team to make an emergency landing, according to TSN Bob McKenzie on the latest Insider Trading.

Yeah, frightening story involving the Tampa Bay Lightning but one that ultimately has a very happy ending. 

"When they were flying from Miami back to Tampa late last week, on take off, one of the engines blew on their plane or it was a bird strike - they are not quite sure what is was - but in any case some anxious moments as the plane had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Miami.

It's not very often that National Hockey League players will welcome a four or five-hour bus ride, but that's what the Tampa Bay Lightning took from Miami back to Tampa and on terre ferme, and they were pretty happy about that.

"I should point out it was not their normal team charter or team plane, they took that to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto this week and I think they're happy to be back on it."

The Lightning sit atop of the NHL with 124 points with a 17-point cushion over the second-place Calgary Flames. Tampa is in Montreal on Tuesday night against the Habs, who sit one point out of the final wild card spot in the East.