There have been a lot of hockey brawls recently.

It’s not often we’ll get highlights out of Asia League Ice Hockey (ALIH), but goalies going bananas will always make headlines.

The ALIH only has 15 teams, and facing off in this one was China Dragon and Daemyung Killer Whales. In the video, you’ll the Killer Whales’ goalie stop a player on a breakaway, who then slashes the goalie before someone follows up and buries the puck.

The goalie then pulls the puck out of the net, shoots the puck into the corner in the direction of the referee and skates out to confront the player who slashed him. Chaos ensues.

With the movie Goon: Last of the Enforcers and Darren Dreger’s piece about the end of fighting in hockey coming out last week, this all feels like a final hurrah.

Fighting will always exist in hockey, but the real wild stuff might stick to lesser-known leagues like this one. And of course, you’ll always have rec-leaguers going crazy every once in a while.

(H/T to /r/hockey