It feels like yesterday that the BarDown crew graced the quiz room for the first time. Back in 2018, BarDown as a whole was on sports fans’ radars but the personalities on the team were only known to few and our boss (and founder of BarDown), Dave Krikst, wanted to change that. So, after some brainstorming, DZ took his spot behind the camera for the first time and introduced the world to our quiz videos.

Five years later… Z’s beautiful voice is still helping hockey fans learn a thing or two about the game we all love while throwing a few chirps in at his co-workers.

That’s right folks! We’ve already hit the half-decade mark for quizzes and it only felt right to celebrate the occasion by making our latest edition on some of our favourite moments from them. If you’ve been watching since the beginning then you should be okay, but if you haven’t… maybe do a bit of homework before diving into this one. Corwin, Luca, Jesse, Julia and Sam took the couch for this one and as always, our late friend and ultimate quiz champion Johnny Gale was with us in spirit.



Wow. Too many good moments, where the hell has the time gone?!?!

From DZ and Corwin putting the term ‘grit grinder’ back on the map, to Jesse meeting Teemu and creating a new mascot,  Corwin almost having a roof collapse on him mid-quiz, Luca reppin’ one of the worst wrestling walk-in fits the world has ever seen, Sam wearing enough makeup to make Billie Joe Armstrong proud, to Jesse getting robbed during the most controversial moment maybe in all of BarDown history, the quizzes have certainly had their share of memorable moments. Nothing makes us happier, though, than watching Johnny hold that belt and give the middle part a spin. Johnny walked into the room, took care of business, and remained humble the whole time. A true legend and forever champion!


As proud as we are of the quizzes, and as many memorable moments that we’ve had so far, we really think that we’re just getting started. We’ve hosted at the Hall of Fame, Rink of Dreams and even in a TSN studio… so now we’ve gotta ask… where should we do one next? And what should our future topics be? That’s the beautiful thing about these quizzes… there is still so much room for growth (and activities!). Let us know in the comments what you think, and make sure to let us know your favourite quiz moment to date!