Conor McGregor is one of the greatest fighters of all-time and he's not even 30-years-old yet.

He will be turning 30 this Saturday (July 14th), though, and an artist by the name of Edgar Askelovic decided to honour McGregor by creating an incredible stone statue of the fighter.



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The statue is absolutely spectacular and as you can see, the little details are what really make it look so lifelike.  Edgar was asked what made him want to make this statue for McGregor for his birthday and this is what he had to say, as per Versus:

β€œHe is a phenomenon of our time – not just a smart athlete, but also a visionary. To create the piece, I looked back to antiquity, when athletes were immortalized in sculptures as gods.

And I combined some details from a Michelangelo statue with modern day graffiti to capture the present day’s warrior sensibilities.”

If you're wondering how much the statue cost to make, you might be surprised to learn it's probably not as much as you'd expect:

That comes out to $76,866.04 in Canadian dollars in case you were wondering.

As per Versus, the sculpture will be on display at London's JD Malat Gallery before it's given to McGregor, so if you want to check it out up close, you've got a chance to do so!

(H/T: Versus)