The highly anticipated 2024 NFL Draft has come and gone, and now comes the next stage of our NFL offseason; evaluation. 

This year, the evaluation period may be even more intriguing than ever. The 2024 NFL Draft saw SIX quarterbacks taken within the first 12 picks, something that has never happened before. In fact, not a single defensive player was taken until pick #15 when the Indianapolis Colts selected DE Laiatu Latu. 

Christopher Hein, Eric Kirk, Thomas Pocrnic, and Luca Celebre got together to watch what turned out to be a draft like no other. For each pick, the guys assigned a letter grade from A+ to F. 



With four fans of AFC teams in the mix (Hein = Bills, Eric = Ravens, Poc = Dolphins, Luca = Broncos), it made for some really interesting discussion. One particular highlight was when Luca was given the mic to evaluate the Broncos selecting Bo Nix as the 12th overall pick and 6th quarterback off the board. 

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