There's nothing more exciting in sports than a Game 7, and hockey fans were treated to two of them Wednesday night.

For two teams' fans, though, excitement turned to heartbreak as they were eliminated from the playoffs.



The #Ducks are headed to the Western Conference Final!

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It's well documented how angry and upset Capitals fans were after yet another second round exit.

Oilers fans, on the other hand, didn't really have that much of a reason to be upset.  Sure, getting eliminated sucks, but this is a team that finished in 29th a season ago and came just one win away from the Western Conference final a year later.

Rather than being upset, Edmonton fans should be happy that the playoff drought is over and the future looks brighter than ever.

Obviously there are going to be fans angry about the result, though, and one decided to take his or her anger out on Ryan Getzlaf's Wikipedia page by making a hilarious change to it.

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Obviously we don't know who the culprit is, but if we had to guess, it's a Canadian who's most likely an Oilers fan.

The damage done to Getzlaf's Wikipedia page didn't last long as it was changed relatively quickly.

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Getlzaf is probably the right person to be mad at as he was dominant in the series.

Also, the Ducks have eliminated four Canadian teams over the last three seasons (Jets and Flames in 2014-15, Flames and Oilers in 2016-17), so we understand the anger.

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