What seemed like an election that lasted for, oh, AN ETERNITY is now finally behind us. Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States, defeating sitting President Donald Trump in both the popular vote and by the electoral college.

One of the states that voted “blue” in favour of Biden and the Democrats was Vermont. With 99% of the votes accounted for in the state, Biden will likely finish with 66% of the vote. Trump, on the other hand, received 30% of the vote.

And waaaaaaay down the list of people who received votes was none other than… Claude Giroux.

Reddit user CollectaBK7 posted a screenshot from the election results from Vermont, in which a list of mail-in votes were identified. Apparently someone decided to use their mail-in vote to vote for the Philadelphia Flyers captain. He

We also noticed another familiar name, apparently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have a fan residing in Vermont as well. Betty White and Charles Barkley, too.




(H/T u/CollectaBK7)