Free agency is less than 48 hours away, and as the NBA tries to figure out what might become of this summer’s LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George saga, at least one of those three players remains totally unbothered by their upcoming decision.

There’s only one thing bothering LeBron this offseason: The distance of the jump from cliff to lake. Even NBA stars scare!


Seriously, what’s an opt-out clause compared to a cliff jump? LeBron has to yell to get himself amped up, hilariously declaring “black excellence” before taking the plunge. (Sure must be nice, though, to have some time off with the family after another long season.)

It isn’t just time off for LeBron, though, as he’s still reaching out to his friends around the league and building as always. Basketball fans may be stoked (or distressed) to hear the latest rumour in circulation, which suggests that LeBron is reaching out to Kevin Durant over a possible Los Angeles Lakers team-up.


h/t Instagram/kingjames