At this point in the season, we’re watching our favourite team’s players every few nights. Despite getting to know them so well as players – their equipment, their playing style, their talents – it’s sometimes a little tougher to get to know them off the ice.

This is the challenge we looked to face head on with the format of our new video. Similar to asking #98 Connor Bedard 98 questions, we decided to ask #55 Mark Scheifele 55 questions.

The questions ranged wildly, with everything from “what’s your favourite song?” and “what’s your pre-game meal?” all the way to “If aliens were real and they invaded Earth, who would you choose to be the ambassador for the human race?” all appearing within the first 16 questions.

Yeah… all bases were covered.



Which answer did you find most surprising? Make sure you let us know @BarDown!

In the meantime, here’s 98 questions with Connor Bedard!