Auston Matthews seems to be getting used to life North of the Border.

The 21-year-old spent his entire childhood in the States before getting selected with the number one pick in the 2016 draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Matthews has become an icon in the city since and though not a native of Canada, he’s become one of the country’s more recognizable faces. Now in his third year living in the ‘6ix’, Matthews has picked up on some of the slang Canadians have to offer and he made sure to put one of them on full display in his apartment. After admitting to making a couple of unnecessary purchases online, he confessed to stick “oh for sure” with a beer on one of his items. According to Matthews, it’s “super Canadian”.


That’s a pretty interesting take from the superstar, because we’re not so sure that “oh for sure” is all that Canadian. Some other words definitely comes to mind before, including “eh”, aboot” and “poutine” Guess people just don’t say that line all that much in the states? Here’s some of the responses his comments received on Twitter:


Matthews & co. are gearing up to play in Winnipeg (which is basically as Canadian as it gets), so he’ll probably be hearing his favourite line a few more times while he’s there. At least that’ll take away from the whole Matthews>Laine, Laine>Matthews thing.

(H/T Kristen Shilton)