Whether you’re an NHL franchise or a house league team, you’re only as good as the logo on your jersey.

That goes for beer leagues also.

As a matter of fact, Beer league hockey logos are probably the MOST important out of all the leagues and here’s why: There’s endless possibilities! These teams have the most freedom to have WHATEVER they to represent them so why waste it?

If only there was an encyclopedia for every single beer league hockey logo out there. It’s truly a shame that there’s probably an insane amount of unreal jerseys out there that we haven’t even witnessed. So let’s change that!

BarDown is looking for the BEST beer league hockey logo and we want you to DM us yours!

Luckily for you, there are no rules. There’s so much room for creativity with this one! We’re just looking for the craziest, wildest, most original, unique jersey that we’ve never seen before. Oh, and fun, of course!

Direct message us on Instagram or Twitter a photo of your beer league teams logo.

Best of luck!

(H/T @ChiHawks2 )