Ooooooo, baby! The NFL is right around the corner! That means touchdowns. That means upsets. That means witching hours on TSN+!

In preparation for the upcoming season, BarDown members Luca, Poc, Eric, Jeff, Hein, and Matt tried their hand at a little fortune telling. They did their best to predict what was going to happen in the NFL season by way of filling out a playoff picture, along with assigning MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year.

There were some things that were unanimously agreed upon, such as the Eagles and the Niners having great seasons in the weaker NFC. There were also a lot of things that were not agreed upon. Steelers making playoffs? Ravens winning the Super Bowl? Justin Fields winning Offensive Player of the Year?

Time to find out which BarDown member YOU agree with the most!


Luca getting absolutely roasted by Jeff is the perfect ending to the video, but these predictions are anyone’s game in terms of the accuracy. A lot can happen between now and the Super Bowl!

After all, predictions are hard. Here is how our predictions from last season’s playoff bracket went down.



Yeah. Not very easy.