BarDownloadable is BACK! 

The GM squad is here with an NHL23 challenge! Marissa, Corwin and Eric tried to take their team all the way after a MAJOR NHL expansion. With 48 teams in the league, they needed to find a way to get their New Orleans Narwhals to a Stanley Cup victory. Now you may be wondering “where’s Luca?” We don’t know but apparently, we are currently accepting applications for a new Luca! 

First, they had to pick a team and while there were many great options, like the Hamilton Hounds, the Fredericton Fright, and the Anchorage Antlers- once they figured out where Anchorage was (it’s in Alaska guys come on now). They came to a decision on the New Orleans Narwhals and then it was time for the draft! 

Do you know what makes it pretty hard to win a Stanley Cup? Picking 47th overall in a league with 48 teams, so clearly our GMs had a tough fight ahead of them. 

Want to know if they managed to pull it off? Watch now and find out! 

Do you think drafting a good goalie matters? Do you think you could win a Stanley Cup with a 48-team league? 

Let us know @BarDown!