New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick has done a lot of winning throughout his coaching career, earning five Super Bowls as a head coach in New England and two with the New York Giants as a defensive coordinator. This has created a rather unique dilemma for Belichick. Every time Belichick adds a Super Bowl ring to his collection, he has to update the name of his boat to reflect those wins.

Well, Belichick updated the paint job on his boat, but he has yet to update his custom boat name embroidered sweaters.

Wait, custom boat name embroidered sweaters? You better believe it! Belichick has apparently had these sweaters for a while, but he's taken things a step further at this year's NFL Combine by rocking the sweaters with his boats name on them for all to see. Although, it's less braggadocious than you think, because he's wearing last year's version of the shirts... just to show he doesn't care enough or has been too busy to get new sweaters made just yet.



On top of that, he dropped a sneaky jab aimed towards the Indianapolis Colts while being interviewed by Willie McGinest at the combine.


The legend just keeps growing and growing.