Billy Hamilton is one of the fastest players in the MLB. He currently leads the league in stolen bases with 58, two ahead of Miami’s Dee Gordon, and is making a charge to become the first Reds player to steal 60 since 1986 (Eric Davis). So far he has only been caught 12 times, which likely should have jumped to 13 when Boston Red Sox’ relief pitcher Brandon Workman caught Hamilton breaking towards second base too soon.

Normally, this would result in a little back and forth before the runner eventually throws in the towel and is tagged out. Sometimes though, a mistake from the fielding team allows the runner to safely reach one of the bases. That’s what happened with Hamilton, but what’s bizarre about this play is that it didn’t just result in him reaching second base, he ended up reaching third and home plate as well.


Needless to say, the Red Sox need to tighten up that run-down defence before playoffs. This was embarrassing, add the stakes of a playoff game and it becomes downright humiliating.

(H/T Twitter/Reds)