Another day, another new sport taken over by the Fortnite mania. We’re very quickly running out of sports that haven’t intersected with the battle royale game yet.

This time, it was Teofimo Lopez of the Top Rank boxing promotion who, after knocking out his opponent in the first round for a victory on Saturday night, decided to bust out the Take the L dance from Fortnite. If you think that’s disrespectful, you should wait for the flip, too:

The love for the game remains boundless. Lopez is far from the first athlete to perform this particular dance -- Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros outfielders have also offered the L to their opponents.

In fact, Red Sox pitcher David Price even found himself in a recent controversy surrounding his time spent playing the game, which some speculated to be linked to his carpal tunnel diagnosis. Price and the Red Sox firmly denied this, but it goes to show how deeply this game has dug its claws into even professional athletes.

We’re all just out here trying to get that Victory Royale.

h/t Twitter/MichaelBensonn