To get into a sport where your goal is to hurt people professionally, you have to have a certain kind of mindset. It’s not necessarily the most wholesome or PG rated mindset, but there’s generally a lot of respect between fighters nonetheless.

That’s what made World boxing Champion Deontay Wilder’s recent quote so unbelievably scary. He essentially tells the media that he would be 100% okay with actually killing his opponent, Dominic Breazeale.



He doubled down on the statement and made it even scarier. 



That is a scary quote from a scary man. It’s possible that some of this is put on to help attract more attention, but something about him seems pretty genuine. This isn’t the first time he’s said something along these lines either.

Earlier this year, Wilder told Braezeale that he “better start making some funeral arrangements”.

Well, he’s certainly got our attention.