He may not top the list when it comes to greatest goalies of all time, but he’d top a lot of peoples lists if they’re asked whose their favourite goalie of all-time. We are talking about the dry-witted, brutally-honest, scared-of-bears ‘tendy himself – Ilya Bryzgalov.

In the net, “Bryz” had an up-and-down career with some solid seasons but overall relatively unspectacular numbers. The way he won his way into people’s hearts is through his eccentric, unique character. While most players that suit up in the NHL are media trained to the point where almost every answer is watered down to some conservative mumbo-jumbo, Bryz never held back an inkling of his personality when a camera was in his face.

Add that all together and you’ve pretty much got the perfect recipe for an entertaining post-career social media presence. Bryz has not disappointed, and on Sunday he added a hilarious series of job application Tweets he’s been sending out over the past month.


Honestly, the Flyers maybe could have used him for their Game 3 matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins. After defeating the Pens 5-1 in Game 2 (which was a redemption game for their 7-0 defeat in Game 1), the Flyers fell flat at the hands of Sidney Crosby and his four points.

Bryzgalov’s hilarious offering of services all started when the Chicago Blackhawks found themselves in need of an emergency backup, settling for Scott Foster, a 35-year-old accountant that plays beer league puck. Bryzgalov wanted to make sure the ‘Hawks knew he was available if they needed him.



If you had to choose between Bryz and Scott Foster, who's your starter?

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When the Blackhawks didn’t bite, Bryz decided to try out a new candidate – the Philadelphia Flyers. Maybe their familiarity with him would help land him a job?


Bruuuuuutal. Well, maybe actually showing up to the game will bode well – particularly after Philly gave up their second 5+ goal game of the series. While some questioned whether he was even there, one fan saw the Tweet and managed to snap a picture of the Russian goaltender taking in the game.


We’ll see if Bryz’s resiliency ends up paying off, although we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for it.