Comparing athletes from today’s world to eras past, there is a significant difference in physique.

As their jobs are scrutinized more and more every day, athletes have started keeping themselves in peak condition throughout their careers. One of the more notorious sports for it’s athletes lack of gym time is baseball.

When you see players like Bartolo Colon or C.C. Sabathia in his heyday, it’s clear that players can have success without spending all of their time in the gym.

However, the times are changing and as baseball players search for any edge they can get, many spend a lot of time in the gym, including Marcus Stroman. Stroman’s HDMH mantra speaks to how hard he works on and off the field to stay at the top of the game, but Cabbie doesn’t have the same tendencies. So, bright and early on a Saturday morning, Cabbie met up with Marcus Stroman to talk a little more about what motivates him to stay fit, the inspiration of his cryptic tweets and much more in the latest edition of Cabbie Presents.

It’s true that Cabbie went through a break up with Kobe, so he’s still looking for a date for Valentine’s Day. He asked Kyle Lowry to spend February 14th with him this year, but apparently he has other plans.