You’ve seen us draft blindly. You’ve seen us draft to a 48-team league. Now… you’ll see us draft… well, actually…

We aren’t going to draft at all. We’re going to let and AI robot named Cyber Director, or CD, draft for us.

While AI could be seen as advantageous due to the rapid data collection and statistical prowess that’s possible, there’s some picks that just need a little human touch. There were absolutely no ‘human touches’ involved in this draft.

On top of robotic selections, we had CD pick out nicknames for each of the players drafted. This led to some absolutely incredible new names that we actually hope stick beyond this video.



“The Hat-Trickster.” (By the way, get wrecked, Eric. Marchessault has five career hatties.)

“The Swedish Surge.”

“The Wall Buster.”

“Snipe Master Flash.”

In the end, the nicknames were the best part. 35-39-8 is a pretty uninspiring effort in the end, but it was actually better than the REAL Arizona Coyotes this season with a 28-40-14 record.