We’re officially in the fifth year of BarDown quizzes (yes, fifth!), so we figured it was about time to give the current format a bit of a shakeup.

All three contestants in this one, Corwin, Luca, and Jesse, hit the couch together to see which of the three knows NHL contracts the best. But wait! There’s a catch. DZ created a new point system that you really just need to see for yourself. Don’t be surprised if this one is used again in a future quiz, and prepare to test your knowledge on NHL contracts.

We’re not just talking about current ones either.


So… thoughts? Well done DZ, well done! Also… Jesse just out here roastin’ Corwin about his Cap Friendly addiction…


@bardown Tag someone who spends way too much time on CapFriendly ☠️😂 New quiz on @TSN’s #YouTube page 👀 #hockey #quiz #money ♬ original sound - BarDown

Chirp all you want Jesse but your Drake impersonation is nothing to run home about.

Speaking of which… we’ve noticed your comments about Jesse hosting his own quiz. Will his time come?! Let us know in the comments what you think that one should be based on (other than Jeff Beukeboom) and let us never speak of Rick DiPietro’s contract ever again!