*clears throat*


The squad is back for another quiz. Though not just any quiz, but part two of the Geoguessr quiz!

Jesse, Marissa, Luca, Corwin and Sam dual it out to see if there will be a new winner crowned! 

But before we get into the quiz, we’d like to give a shoutout to our sponsor on the video, Captain Morgan!

Starting off with an absolute shot at the Coyotes, DZ stumps the crew with a photo of your standard barn that looks like it could be anywhere in Southern Ontario upon showing yet another “rink not fit for an NHL team” – a random parking lot in the sunny beautiful Tempe, Arizona that would now be Mullett Arena. 

The rest of the quiz is full of fun yet still an absolute brain-buster.

So who will be the winner of the Hockey Geoguesr Quiz? Guess you’ll have to find out who makes it to the finish line!

Check out the full quiz HERE!