The Quiz is BACK, baby!!

The BarDown squad returns for another quiz, with a special theme VERY close to our hearts. As massive fans of EA Sports NHL series of video games, we wanted to make sure we showed some love in the quiz, brought to you by 7-Eleven Canada.

We’re talking soundtracks!

Jesse, Corwin, Luca, Marissa, and Sam take a familiar seat on the white BarDown couch as DZ reads off the questions. Only this time, he’s not actually reading anything, he’s simply pressing play on various songs that have been featured in past NHL video games. Some were classics, others were deep cuts. Let’s see how they did.



As it turns out, Marissa’s time spent with a controller in hand helped her out exactly 0%. Luca, on the other hand, came ready to play. He was simply bron for this moment, as you could tell in his profound and insightful Winner’s Circle.

Oh wait, we cut that part out?

(H/T 7-Eleven Canada)