We're back, baby! And... it actually didn't take that long this time!

In less than a month since the last BarDown Quiz was released, the white couch is back on your television and computer screens. Saying that, there's certainly an element of 'new' to this edition. 

Welcome to the quiz, Jadon and Poc! 

Poc has been around the BarDown videos for a while, but this video was his official quiz debut. He's known for his CFL podcasts alongside Luca -- Huddle Up -- but now he can be known as an official quiz participant on top of that.

Meanwhile, Jadon took the scenic route to his first quiz appearance. Back when the quizzes first began, Jadon was the curator of an unofficial BarDown fan account named @bardownmeme. The account blew up for tens of thousands of followers, and even though it's been dormant for a while it still boasts an incredible 22.8K followers. 

We HAD to get him into a quiz. And the "Teammates" quiz offered him his time to shine. 

We'd say both the new guys should be happy with their showing against grizzled veteran quizzers Corwin and Luca.

Without further ado...



What a performance from the rookies, what a finish! 

If anything is clear, these two BarDown teammates fit right in alongside the wily ol' vets. 

If you missed the last quiz on the 2023 NHL season, don't you worry. We GOT you.